Intrapreneurship as a cornerstone to innovation


Most companies currently evolve in a fast-moving, challenging environment requiring them to continuously innovate to remain competitive. However, many large organizations rely too much on exploiting current activities rather than striving for new opportunities and ideas. They benchmark their activities against a model from which clients are loyal and forgetful and the adoption of new technologies slow and predictable.

There is a reason why 88% of US Fortune 500 companies in 1995 are no longer present in 2015 (Deloitte Digital, 2015).

At NUMA & Attoma we believe that if corporations want to grow or simply survive, they need to reinvent the way they innovate: not just by optimizing current activities but also by improving internal methods and processes and by offering outstanding customer experience.

Because the key to transformation is the mindset, not just the technology, a simple yet impactful approach to accelerate innovation consists of leveraging the expertise, skills, ideas and motivation of your most valuable ressource: your employees.

NUMA & Attoma have decided to join forces to help you boost your intrapreneurship initiatives.